Tweaks and Books 8-4-15

spinningtopThe last few weeks have been a little nerve-wracking. I’m continuing to work on toy research, but combining that with a need to do some event site research in the middle of the tourist season….and then put together a couple of displays for Briaroak Bash and all that after the push to get the toys out for Coronation! Well, I’ve been more than a bit distracted. What I’m doing at the moment is adding 071315 Animalspictures to the products of the research pages.

Several sets of “toy” dividers got finished and are being added as I go.

I picked up a new book and some things gleaned from it will probably find their way into the pages as time goes on. Toys through the ages,: Dan Foley’s story of playthings filled with history, folklore, romance & nostalgia; a book for all ages, Daniel J Foley, Chilton Books, Philidelphia, 1962, LCC#62-19876, ASIN: B0007DO53S

Watch here for updates!





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