Alpine Scholar 12-19-15

121315 AnjaWell, that was unexpected! This has been an eventful week, to put it mildly. Marcus and I participated in the Alpine Scholar competition last weekend and I was made Alpine Scholar in court on Saturday. I’m still blinking in astonishment!

121215 Display Anja1This was the balls display. I think I’m going to make a page that will have just the list of fillings and a ball and a pic of the filling, but I’m not that far, yet.

I also entered a display of carved wooden spoons and my holbein 121215 Display Anja2121215 Display Anja3embroidery, of course. That display was based around samplers and derived

My Laurel thinks that the balls project fulfils that particular task. Not that I’m going to stop working on it! There will be more content added here as I find things. The Balls paper is going to get linked on the main page for that task (not yet ready as I write this) as both a PDF and a Word file, but for the moment I’m going to be pushing to finish the Elizabethan.


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