Just making stuff – 5-28-16

052216 PincusionIt’s been a busy year. I didn’t realize just how long it had been since I put up a post, but mundane life and the Alpine Scholar stuff is just kicking me for a loop as far as Quest stuff.

I had a consult with my Laurel about what’s left to do, and it’s mostly “keep on keeping on” more than anything else!

So far this year:

  • At Her Alpine Highness’ request, I put together a display at 12th Night, of not just my stuff, but the other House members. We had a great time!
  • Our House Feast came off pretty well, but I was the feast-crat so that ate time as well. As usual I cooked too much and everyone was stuffed.
  • Coronet in Adiantum was fun. I set up another display and answered a lot of questions about the Balls. They had a great potluck.
  • All Fools’ in Corvaria was one of the best events I’ve been to in awhile. I stayed with some local people and we had a great time hanging out before and after the event. During the day I taught a class on Balls and we made enough to hand each child at the event one!
  • House Capuchin had set a goal of 2000 pieces of largesse during the SCA’s 50th Year. We made it and the last was handed off on the way to Hocktide.
  • At Hocktide I taught two classes, one on Medieval Toys and the other was Czech History in Stories. One of my students was in the competition for Outrider of the Summits and had asked me to be there.

Next up is Summer Investiture in Terra Pomeria and then War in the Trees in Tymberhavene!


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