Alpine Scholar blues – 12-27-16

Anja 2014I haven’t posted here nearly as much as I had planned to over the past year. It’s not that I haven’t been working hard, and I don’t mean just at my mundane business. It’s that the Alpine Scholar duties…if I’m going to complete this in a way that I’ll be proud of rather than regret…. are eating my life!

Since December a year ago I’ve managed to get to each of the Coronet events, …and there’s just one left… put together displays, run 121016-gauntlettcompetitions and found prizes for same, taught a *lot* of classes and there are a few more to go!

I’ve also been working in my mundane business and building up the Mab’s Creations embroidery business, plus down-sizing from a house to an apartment, and since I’m not looking at padded walls, I guess I’m still sane. 🙂

Aside from continuing to add pictures and research as I can here I really haven’t made any progress on the Quest. I’m hoping for better in 2017 as I’m down to two items, one of which is probably only a month’s work from being finished. That’s the Spanishe Coat outfit. The recorder book is farther, but I’ve a few pieces done, at least.

I’ve done a lot of embroidery and sewing over the past year, mostly largesse projects or samples for my Mab’s Creations stuff, but a few other pieces including the “gauntlet” that I “threw down” (it landed on the Heir’s coat… ) during the most recent Investiture.

So, some pix of recent projects…


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