Back to the Quest 5-4-17

His Highness, Tjorkill and His Majesty Styrkarr look on while Her Highness, Alina, gives me a hug with the scroll in my hand.

Wow…. was that a gymkhana or what? Fifteen months of doing only minimums on my tasks has been kinda hard on my nerves. …and then I had to catch up with mundane life tasks. So now, I’m kinda starting back in.

Yes, the Summits Arts & Sciences

Championship got held. This is the write-up, a showcase of the folks who entered,

His Majesty gifting me with a coin from his hand.

plus my being made a Jewel of the Summits and startlingly to me, given the Lion’s Strength.

The most I’ve actually done on the quests was to get some more toys added to the list, mostly the Noisy Toys and the War and Military toys. Here’s hoping that things get underway better, soon.


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