Tourney Season winding down 9-14-17

We’re almost to the end of the summer and a lot of things have been happening, but little brought to a conclusion.

I got to wear one of my houpellandes at my oldest boy’s wedding, was one fun thing.

Another was an impromptu at my shop where I showed a youngster and his Mom how to make balls and then heard later that he’d taught a class at school about it.

Also, Vindolanda dug up a couple of toy swords! I updated the Weaponry page to reflect that.

I did the Shrewsbury Faire demo this year and took both blackwork and balls. The balls were a real hit this time. I think that was because I was telling people about the process.

Mostly, other than that, I’ve been pecking away at pincushions all summer. I’ve gone through 4 crocks of pincushion filling and now I’m doing emery strawberries. 🙂 Craziness! Here’s to getting back to some real sewing (the Spanishe Coat) soonest!


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