About my Quest

Lady standingHow do you explain, even remember, something that you started over a couple of decades ago? How does something that is meaningful to you, personally, seem so odd and unnecessary to others?

I’ve been fascinated with history since I was very small. My mother was really into Shakespeare and my Dad loved maritime history, among other studies. When I was a middle-schooler the BBC productions of Six Wives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth R were being broadcast and my Daddy and I went to several of the New York Pro Musica’s cross-country tour performances of An Entertainment for Elizabeth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Pro_Musica

I’ve been involved with the SCA off and on since 1971 when I started going to the Columbia Maryland Renaissance Fair. I ended up mostly playing with Markland (and playing D&D) more than getting serious about research. It was just part of my fun stuff at that age.

I think my quest was sparked off with the task assigned to me by Her Serene Highness, Janeltis Karaine Starfollower, the dowager Princess of An Tir. I got a little time with her, far less than I wanted, but at one of the visits she told me to research and create period toys.

Now, at that point, I was a very baby Jambe and assuming that I would just go the standard route of “advancement”, namely becoming an apprentice and eventually a Laurel. After a bit of asking around, though, I realized that there wasn’t anyone with my set of interests. There were some with one or two, but the whole bunch?

…and then I got to fretting… I have self-esteem issues, like everyone else, but in my case, the examples of the Laurels that I saw around me, the ones that I worked with, were seemingly so far beyond my reach that I felt I could *never* measure up. …and I got to thinking about what I could do that make myself feel that I had reached that exalted level.

Well, now I know a little better, but then I didn’t, and I made a solemn vow to myself that I would finish a “quest” consisting of a magical seven tasks. I take that very seriously.

So, here I am, 20 years later, having taken most of a decade away from working on the tasks, getting back into the swing of it. I’m am apprenticed to Mistress Arlys O’Gordon, part of House Capuchin and having a tremendous lot of fun running my own business (that has an SCA corner…) and my embroidery pattern business that is based on Holbein-style blackwork patterns. …and trying to finish this quest.

No, you don’t need to tell me that this is nuts, that I don’t need to do this or anything else along those lines. I’m doing it!

Celt Knot Purp Div 4

In ministerio autem Somnium!

Page Created, written and published on 4/27/15 (C)M. Bartlett
Last update 4/27/15


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