News and some updates

I’ve gone to post 4 times since the last post at the end of last summer and never managed it once! It’s been that kind of winter. I’ve spent quite a lot of time over the winter doing more research, and bits and pieces have gotten added to various pages, but nothing is complete.

Last fall, into the winter, I worked on a project to do the embroidered trim for a pair of Elizabethan shirts for the Princes of the Summits. Those were finally finished in early March and worn in late May. There’s a gallery here:

I feast-cratted the House Capuchin Winter Feast this past February and a lot of energy went into that. After that my Laurel made me promise that I would not take on any new projects until I’m finished the tasks for this Quest. …and then made me a Journeyman as she feels that I’m done with the learning, I just need to finish up!

The last two tasks are the Elizabethan Spanishe Coat and the recorder book.

The coat outfit is waiting for a 2-week block of time when I can just sit and sew and not have to pay attention to anything else. I have fabrics and trims and design and pattern (from Margo Anderson’s Historical Patterns, pic at right) , what I just need is time.

The recorder book, otoh… wow… well, what I’m trying to do is a companion to the Oak Publishing Recorder Guide that has period music, but is tagged to the difficulty levels of the Guide as you progress, so that beginners aren’t playing “traditional” tunes, but actual period music, much sooner than they otherwise would. That means I’m taking pieces and grading them by difficulty and arranging them in order. I’ve been working on this seriously for about 6 months and I’m pretty sure it’s going to take all next winter to finish… if I manage it by then.



Tourney Season winding down 9-14-17

We’re almost to the end of the summer and a lot of things have been happening, but little brought to a conclusion.

I got to wear one of my houpellandes at my oldest boy’s wedding, was one fun thing.

Another was an impromptu at my shop where I showed a youngster and his Mom how to make balls and then heard later that he’d taught a class at school about it.

Also, Vindolanda dug up a couple of toy swords! I updated the Weaponry page to reflect that.

I did the Shrewsbury Faire demo this year and took both blackwork and balls. The balls were a real hit this time. I think that was because I was telling people about the process.

Mostly, other than that, I’ve been pecking away at pincushions all summer. I’ve gone through 4 crocks of pincushion filling and now I’m doing emery strawberries. 🙂 Craziness! Here’s to getting back to some real sewing (the Spanishe Coat) soonest!

Getting places 6-6-17

The first batch

I was beginning to think that steam enough to get underway was just not to be had, but I’m finally up and doing again. Over the past month I got House Capuchin to make a set of the pool noodle stick horses and Loren and I worked out how to make lances and swords of the same stuff.

Also during the last month, I got good at making a new type of cheese, did a write-up of the foodstuffs in the Domostroi (here: ) and updated a list of period cheeses. (here: )

Of course, our shop business picks up in the summer, so it’s hard to keep up with things, but I’m going to keep pecking at it. I have a couple more arrangements transcribed for the recorder book, a piece of fabric pulled out for another coif, a hand-stitched apron worked on, a ton of pincushions made and gifted on and some new designs come up with, even some more pins put in the ruffle for my smock!

Here’s hoping for more progress over the summer!

Please bear with me 8-26-16

060416 animalsPlease bear with me… I’m trying to get the menu for this blog to cooperate, but it’s not. I don’t know whether I’m doing something wrong or what! So….it’s got a bunch of pages that are going to vanish by next February at the worst, but right now are right at the top. I’m trying to fix that. I didn’t even think they’d show in the menu since I didn’t add them, nor did I have things set to add them…. I thought….

Well, while I’m being taught humility by a 072416 Ball2computer…. Summer in a tourist town when you have a business is taxing. I’m working on bits and pieces of projects, but the main thing that is taking my attention right now is sorting out the stuff for the Summits A&S Championship that’s to happen in February. (That’s those pesky pages that won’t behave……) I’ve been steadily making dolls, wooden and balls, among other things and I’m currently trying to work out how to get some Bartholomew Babies turned, since that’s not something I can do. Dress them, yes…. Make the wooden bodies, no…. Also, I’ve been working with some other folks, teaching them how to do the doll wigs and clothes and how the balls go together.

I taught Holbein-style blackwork at War in the Trees and at the Kaldor Ness A&S Weekend and then Dolls and Pretend Toys at Lebus.

072116 DollOne seriously cute thing happened during this summer. I had promised a rag doll to a small person for her birthday and then her mother dropped out of sight. When she re-appeared, recently, I got the doll for the little one, gave it to her and she played with it while her mother and I talked. According to her mother, she hugged it all the way home.

I have a set of competitions that I’m organizing at Fall Coronet and Winter Investiture, as well as teaching at several events this fall: Balls at ARC, Papyns and Pottages at Amergin’s and then some other things that haven’t been decided, yet and of course, the Championship in February.


Just making stuff – 5-28-16

052216 PincusionIt’s been a busy year. I didn’t realize just how long it had been since I put up a post, but mundane life and the Alpine Scholar stuff is just kicking me for a loop as far as Quest stuff.

I had a consult with my Laurel about what’s left to do, and it’s mostly “keep on keeping on” more than anything else!

So far this year:

  • At Her Alpine Highness’ request, I put together a display at 12th Night, of not just my stuff, but the other House members. We had a great time!
  • Our House Feast came off pretty well, but I was the feast-crat so that ate time as well. As usual I cooked too much and everyone was stuffed.
  • Coronet in Adiantum was fun. I set up another display and answered a lot of questions about the Balls. They had a great potluck.
  • All Fools’ in Corvaria was one of the best events I’ve been to in awhile. I stayed with some local people and we had a great time hanging out before and after the event. During the day I taught a class on Balls and we made enough to hand each child at the event one!
  • House Capuchin had set a goal of 2000 pieces of largesse during the SCA’s 50th Year. We made it and the last was handed off on the way to Hocktide.
  • At Hocktide I taught two classes, one on Medieval Toys and the other was Czech History in Stories. One of my students was in the competition for Outrider of the Summits and had asked me to be there.

Next up is Summer Investiture in Terra Pomeria and then War in the Trees in Tymberhavene!

Alpine Scholar 12-19-15

121315 AnjaWell, that was unexpected! This has been an eventful week, to put it mildly. Marcus and I participated in the Alpine Scholar competition last weekend and I was made Alpine Scholar in court on Saturday. I’m still blinking in astonishment!

121215 Display Anja1This was the balls display. I think I’m going to make a page that will have just the list of fillings and a ball and a pic of the filling, but I’m not that far, yet.

I also entered a display of carved wooden spoons and my holbein 121215 Display Anja2121215 Display Anja3embroidery, of course. That display was based around samplers and derived

My Laurel thinks that the balls project fulfils that particular task. Not that I’m going to stop working on it! There will be more content added here as I find things. The Balls paper is going to get linked on the main page for that task (not yet ready as I write this) as both a PDF and a Word file, but for the moment I’m going to be pushing to finish the Elizabethan.

Tweaks and Books 8-4-15

spinningtopThe last few weeks have been a little nerve-wracking. I’m continuing to work on toy research, but combining that with a need to do some event site research in the middle of the tourist season….and then put together a couple of displays for Briaroak Bash and all that after the push to get the toys out for Coronation! Well, I’ve been more than a bit distracted. What I’m doing at the moment is adding 071315 Animalspictures to the products of the research pages.

Several sets of “toy” dividers got finished and are being added as I go.

I picked up a new book and some things gleaned from it will probably find their way into the pages as time goes on. Toys through the ages,: Dan Foley’s story of playthings filled with history, folklore, romance & nostalgia; a book for all ages, Daniel J Foley, Chilton Books, Philidelphia, 1962, LCC#62-19876, ASIN: B0007DO53S

Watch here for updates!