Back to the Quest 5-4-17

His Highness, Tjorkill and His Majesty Styrkarr look on while Her Highness, Alina, gives me a hug with the scroll in my hand.

Wow…. was that a gymkhana or what? Fifteen months of doing only minimums on my tasks has been kinda hard on my nerves. …and then I had to catch up with mundane life tasks. So now, I’m kinda starting back in.

Yes, the Summits Arts & Sciences

Championship got held. This is the write-up, a showcase of the folks who entered,

His Majesty gifting me with a coin from his hand.

plus my being made a Jewel of the Summits and startlingly to me, given the Lion’s Strength.

The most I’ve actually done on the quests was to get some more toys added to the list, mostly the Noisy Toys and the War and Military toys. Here’s hoping that things get underway better, soon.


Progress or not 1-30-17

Display at Hogmanay
Display at Hogmanay

Progress? ….or not…. 🙂 It’s just a few weeks until the Summits Bardic and Arts & Sciences Championship and I’m going to be glad to turn the baldric over. I’ve enjoyed it, but my projects have been taking a back seat for over a year!

Yes, I’ve made some progress on things, but any intensive work has gotten put off until next winter. <sigh> My two projects that are left are the recorder book and my Spanishe Coat. I’m making slow progress on the smock for the latter and transcribed six pieces for the book and wrote for permission to use some others.

I’ve continued to teach, mostly blackwork and toys. I had two opportunities this past month, but yes, most of my energy is going into getting things ready for the competition. …and when my fingers itch….pincushions. 🙂

Oh, and when I’m done with Alpine Scholar, those odd things in the menu will vanish! Thanks to those of you who have hung in there with me through this.

Alpine Scholar blues – 12-27-16

Anja 2014I haven’t posted here nearly as much as I had planned to over the past year. It’s not that I haven’t been working hard, and I don’t mean just at my mundane business. It’s that the Alpine Scholar duties…if I’m going to complete this in a way that I’ll be proud of rather than regret…. are eating my life!

Since December a year ago I’ve managed to get to each of the Coronet events, …and there’s just one left… put together displays, run 121016-gauntlettcompetitions and found prizes for same, taught a *lot* of classes and there are a few more to go!

I’ve also been working in my mundane business and building up the Mab’s Creations embroidery business, plus down-sizing from a house to an apartment, and since I’m not looking at padded walls, I guess I’m still sane. 🙂

Aside from continuing to add pictures and research as I can here I really haven’t made any progress on the Quest. I’m hoping for better in 2017 as I’m down to two items, one of which is probably only a month’s work from being finished. That’s the Spanishe Coat outfit. The recorder book is farther, but I’ve a few pieces done, at least.

I’ve done a lot of embroidery and sewing over the past year, mostly largesse projects or samples for my Mab’s Creations stuff, but a few other pieces including the “gauntlet” that I “threw down” (it landed on the Heir’s coat… ) during the most recent Investiture.

So, some pix of recent projects…

Alpine Scholar 12-11-15

Major surgery, car blow-ups…. life gets weird at times and especially if you’re preparing for something big! I got snookered into entering the Summits A&S Championship, which we call “Alpine Scholar”. It’s on Saturday 12/12/15. Wish me luck!

I’ll be getting back into doing more write-ups and will post my paper on balls here soon’s the competition is over.

In ministerio autem Somnium, Anja Snihova’

Updates from 11-10-15

Where'd all the notes go Cambrai manuscript B f 010 Motets from Northern France 13th centuryIt’s not that I’ve not been working on these! I just have been busy enough to not get back into this set of personal pages! Dang….since August…. let’s see.

Partly, I’ve gotten really obsessed with food things, since we were trying to put together a major event…and then lost the site, so that’s been backed down to our yearly feast, and that’s my responsibility…110115 Mylates 7

<<<<<<< Mylates of Pork <<<<<<<<

Partly, we’re gearing up our Household for two things: two of us are entering the Alpine Scholar championship for the Principality of the Summits, and we’re getting ready for 12th Night and a whole set of garb for the House members that 110115 Apron36matches. ….So, sewing, and such….

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on the Quest!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> apron >>>>>>>>>>>>

Arrangements are starting to happen for the recorder book, progress is being made on my smock to go under the Spanish Coat and I now have the bling fabric for the under-gown. A ball display happened 071215 Ball9at Fall Coronet. Toys have been made to go to Kingdom largesse.

<<<<<<<<< Ball display <<<<<<<<

…and now, I’m going to dive into my entries for the Alpine Scholar competition, of which ones is the balls research, so there will be some new stuff there!

In ministerio autem Somnium!
Anja Snihova’

New Pages 7-22-15

070415 BallIn the past 6 weeks or so I’ve made progress. I’ve organized the pages that are up and started the cross-linkings.

The pages on Balls and Dolls are pretty well done, although there’s going to be tweaking as I find more pictures and more examples.

A new page that’s still being written but is up in very rough form on problems inherent in toy research is here:

medieval miniature 15th c detail
medieval miniature 15th c detail

The page on HobbyHorses and Scopperels is up here:

…and there are more including one on my houpellande project! …and a picture below of the box of toys, fruits of this quest, that went to the largesse stash of Their Majesties, AnTir for July Coronation (AS L)

In ministerio autem Somnium, Anja Snihova’

071715 Box1


Anja 2014This is the record of a quest. It started a couple of decades ago. I’m gradually finishing pieces of it and got to realizing that I really needed to post a record of some of my research, in a places where others can find it. So here we go! There are pages that talk about why and what I’m doing and will be a lot about what kind of information I’m finding and sources and so on.

Right now, there’s one page that’s at least part-way done. It’s from the task about Period Toys. Now, I’m a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and “period” in this context is pre-1600. One of the most common toys were balls, so that’s where I started. This link should get you there.


In ministerio autem Somnium!
Anja Snihova’