Just making stuff – 5-28-16

052216 PincusionIt’s been a busy year. I didn’t realize just how long it had been since I put up a post, but mundane life and the Alpine Scholar stuff is just kicking me for a loop as far as Quest stuff.

I had a consult with my Laurel about what’s left to do, and it’s mostly “keep on keeping on” more than anything else!

So far this year:

  • At Her Alpine Highness’ request, I put together a display at 12th Night, of not just my stuff, but the other House members. We had a great time!
  • Our House Feast came off pretty well, but I was the feast-crat so that ate time as well. As usual I cooked too much and everyone was stuffed.
  • Coronet in Adiantum was fun. I set up another display and answered a lot of questions about the Balls. They had a great potluck.
  • All Fools’ in Corvaria was one of the best events I’ve been to in awhile. I stayed with some local people and we had a great time hanging out before and after the event. During the day I taught a class on Balls and we made enough to hand each child at the event one!
  • House Capuchin had set a goal of 2000 pieces of largesse during the SCA’s 50th Year. We made it and the last was handed off on the way to Hocktide.
  • At Hocktide I taught two classes, one on Medieval Toys and the other was Czech History in Stories. One of my students was in the competition for Outrider of the Summits and had asked me to be there.

Next up is Summer Investiture in Terra Pomeria and then War in the Trees in Tymberhavene!


Alpine Scholar 12-19-15

121315 AnjaWell, that was unexpected! This has been an eventful week, to put it mildly. Marcus and I participated in the Alpine Scholar competition last weekend and I was made Alpine Scholar in court on Saturday. I’m still blinking in astonishment!

121215 Display Anja1This was the balls display. I think I’m going to make a page that will have just the list of fillings and a ball and a pic of the filling, but I’m not that far, yet.

I also entered a display of carved wooden spoons and my holbein 121215 Display Anja2121215 Display Anja3embroidery, of course. That display was based around samplers and derived

My Laurel thinks that the balls project fulfils that particular task. Not that I’m going to stop working on it! There will be more content added here as I find things. The Balls paper is going to get linked on the main page for that task (not yet ready as I write this) as both a PDF and a Word file, but for the moment I’m going to be pushing to finish the Elizabethan.

Alpine Scholar 12-11-15

Major surgery, car blow-ups…. life gets weird at times and especially if you’re preparing for something big! I got snookered into entering the Summits A&S Championship, which we call “Alpine Scholar”. It’s on Saturday 12/12/15. Wish me luck!

I’ll be getting back into doing more write-ups and will post my paper on balls here soon’s the competition is over.

In ministerio autem Somnium, Anja Snihova’

Updates from 11-10-15

Where'd all the notes go Cambrai manuscript B f 010 Motets from Northern France 13th centuryIt’s not that I’ve not been working on these! I just have been busy enough to not get back into this set of personal pages! Dang….since August…. let’s see.

Partly, I’ve gotten really obsessed with food things, since we were trying to put together a major event…and then lost the site, so that’s been backed down to our yearly feast, and that’s my responsibility…110115 Mylates 7

<<<<<<< Mylates of Pork <<<<<<<<

Partly, we’re gearing up our Household for two things: two of us are entering the Alpine Scholar championship for the Principality of the Summits, and we’re getting ready for 12th Night and a whole set of garb for the House members that 110115 Apron36matches. ….So, sewing, and such….

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on the Quest!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> apron >>>>>>>>>>>>

Arrangements are starting to happen for the recorder book, progress is being made on my smock to go under the Spanish Coat and I now have the bling fabric for the under-gown. A ball display happened 071215 Ball9at Fall Coronet. Toys have been made to go to Kingdom largesse.

<<<<<<<<< Ball display <<<<<<<<

…and now, I’m going to dive into my entries for the Alpine Scholar competition, of which ones is the balls research, so there will be some new stuff there!

In ministerio autem Somnium!
Anja Snihova’

Tweaks and Books 8-4-15

spinningtopThe last few weeks have been a little nerve-wracking. I’m continuing to work on toy research, but combining that with a need to do some event site research in the middle of the tourist season….and then put together a couple of displays for Briaroak Bash and all that after the push to get the toys out for Coronation! Well, I’ve been more than a bit distracted. What I’m doing at the moment is adding 071315 Animalspictures to the products of the research pages.

Several sets of “toy” dividers got finished and are being added as I go.

I picked up a new book and some things gleaned from it will probably find their way into the pages as time goes on. Toys through the ages,: Dan Foley’s story of playthings filled with history, folklore, romance & nostalgia; a book for all ages, Daniel J Foley, Chilton Books, Philidelphia, 1962, LCC#62-19876, ASIN: B0007DO53S

Watch here for updates!




New Pages 7-22-15

070415 BallIn the past 6 weeks or so I’ve made progress. I’ve organized the pages that are up and started the cross-linkings.

The pages on Balls and Dolls are pretty well done, although there’s going to be tweaking as I find more pictures and more examples.

A new page that’s still being written but is up in very rough form on problems inherent in toy research is here: http://wp.me/P64CxW-9i

medieval miniature 15th c detail
medieval miniature 15th c detail

The page on HobbyHorses and Scopperels is up here: http://wp.me/P64CxW-7o

…and there are more including one on my houpellande project! …and a picture below of the box of toys, fruits of this quest, that went to the largesse stash of Their Majesties, AnTir for July Coronation (AS L)

In ministerio autem Somnium, Anja Snihova’

071715 Box1

Toys 6-2-15

A decorated ball!
A decorated ball!

I’ve been focusing a lot on toys recently, really for this whole year. It started at about this time last year when House Capuchin came up with the Heraldic Bunny idea over a year ago and it’s been going all year, from those through peg dolls and cup & balls, tiny Elizabethan Ladies, balls and rag dolls through wood cutouts of animals. As I’ve Peter Crossman 3 wooden turned dollsbeen going I’m gradually working my way through what I have for this particular task.

This week I managed to get several pages at least started, the ones for Balls and Rag Dolls, in particular.

Babies and Mawmets and Poppets and every other name but “Doll”! – https://anjasquest.wordpress.com/tasks/toys/babies-and-mawmets-and-poppets/

My Rag Dollshttps://anjasquest.wordpress.com/tasks/toys/babies-and-mawmets-and-poppets/my-rag-dolls/

Rag doll – Make your own rag doll t-tunic – https://anjasquest.wordpress.com/tasks/toys/babies-and-mawmets-and-poppets/rag-doll-make-your-own-rag-doll-t-tunic/


Balls – Instructions for making one for yourselfhttps://anjasquest.wordpress.com/tasks/toys/balls/balls-instructions-for-making-one-for-yourself/

Balls – My experimentshttps://anjasquest.wordpress.com/tasks/toys/balls/balls-my-experiments/

Have fun with them!

In ministerio autem Somnium, Anja Snihova’