Getting places 6-6-17

The first batch

I was beginning to think that steam enough to get underway was just not to be had, but I’m finally up and doing again. Over the past month I got House Capuchin to make a set of the pool noodle stick horses and Loren and I worked out how to make lances and swords of the same stuff.

Also during the last month, I got good at making a new type of cheese, did a write-up of the foodstuffs in the Domostroi (here: ) and updated a list of period cheeses. (here: )

Of course, our shop business picks up in the summer, so it’s hard to keep up with things, but I’m going to keep pecking at it. I have a couple more arrangements transcribed for the recorder book, a piece of fabric pulled out for another coif, a hand-stitched apron worked on, a ton of pincushions made and gifted on and some new designs come up with, even some more pins put in the ruffle for my smock!

Here’s hoping for more progress over the summer!