Lady seatedI have 7 tasks in my quest. Each was assigned (more or less) by someone special to me, and in a couple of cases I was helped to refine what I was asked to do by someone else.

The Tasks are:

  1. Learn about period toys – Assigned by HSH Janeltis – Proof is a CA. http://wp.me/P64CxW-b Current Project
  2. Research Czech Period Notation – Assigned by Mistress Arlys O’Gordon & Mistress Janet of Arden
  3. Write a period “Anja Book” recorder method – Suggested by Mistress Elizabeth Piper & Nicolai (and Mistress Janet of Arden) – Proof is to get one out for sale. (The original task was listed as “Oak Book” after the Oak Publishing Recorder Method that so many SCAdians learn from….)
  4. Spanish coat and the rest of the outfit – Assigned by Mistress Kateryne of Hindscroft – Proof is to wear it at 12th Night – Current Project
  5. Blackwork a full coif & chemise – Assigned by Mistress Aislinn of Cumbria – The chemise (which no longer exists) was completed in early 2000 and lost in our move to the coast. The coif was completed for 12th Night ASXLIX (2015) and a forehead cloth is in progress. http://wp.me/P64CxW-1Z
  6. Houppellandes – Assigned by His Lordship Girard & (sortof) Maestro Eduardo – Proof was to present a full outfit at a Costumer’s Guild competition – Finished ASXXVII
  7. Research a literary criticism subject, Filk Songs and Nursery Rhymes – Assigned by Mom (Helen P. Bues) – Proof was to earn a Magister Ithra and teach this subject three times – finished in 1997

Not sure what I’m going to do about write-ups of the older and finished tasks….

Yes, I know that this amount of stuff is insane. I figured that out awhile back. So?

Celt Knot Purp Div 4

In ministerio autem Somnium!
Page created and published 4/20/15
Last update 6/2/15


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