Blackwork a full coif & chemise

Now this one is a challenge, for part of it, at least. I have a lot of pictures of the coif, as that was completed just in time for this year’s 12th Night, but original chemise is long gone. 011015-blackwork-classanjaI *do* have a piece of a cuff that was started and then dropped when I irretrievably stained the fabric with coffee. Hmm…

So here’s the stuff on the Coif. I have a whole page on my Mab’s Creations blog about making it.

First, the finished coif on my head. In the pic I’m teaching at 12th Night. That was my blackwork class. >>>>>>>

Next is a gallery of what I started with. The original piece was done back in the late ’90s from patterns from the Jane Bostocke Sampler 1598, the oldest dated sampler in existence.

I should have some earlier pictures, but so far I’m not finding any. These are from the fall of 2014 as I was getting ready to do the finishing on the coif.

I had the seam running down the back and not across the top of my head and a pleat instead of a gathered peak, due to some bad info when I first was doing these.

This was getting better. I needed a lining and had to piece it out of some flannel.

So finally I ended up displaying and wearing it at 12th Night AS XLIX (2015).

…and the got a set of pictures of me wearing the coif about a week later.

Now, I’m working on a forehead cloth from the same design set.

So now I need a picture of the chemise test bit that I still have. I’m not sure what to do about chemise/smock pix at this point other than that.

pink purple div

Task – Blackwork a full coif & chemise – Assigned by Mistress Aislinn of Cumbria – The chemise (which no longer exists) was completed in early 2000 and lost in our move to the coast. The coif was completed for 12th Night ASXLIX (2015) and a forehead cloth is in progress.

Celt Knot Purp Div 4

In ministerio autem Somnium, Anja Snihova’

Page created and published 4/27/15 (C)M. Bartlett
Last update 4/27/15



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