This has been an ongoing project for almost 50 years, so the pages here vary in how much depth there is to the research and information that they have.

041815 Balls table3It’s still on my radar to complete this, but I’m going to post the research here to make it usable more quickly.

In February of ASXLIX (2014-15) I presented a short version of a Toys Workshop in Three Mountains and then a full-length in April at the Bar Gemels Tourney in Terra Pomaria.

I have since taught the balls portion of the class several times, as well as presenting my findings in the Arts & Sciences Championship in ASIL. I presented the class in a 2 hour format at Hocktide ASL. Dolls was taught at Lepus in AS L, then the full-on 4 hour at Adiantum’s Mid-Winter feast AS LII This is the class handout that I used up until AS 52 (’17-’18), and then the more current one is below that.

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The sub-pages for this task are:

Many of these pages are not yet “live”.

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Problems with documentation and finding sources – This section is still notes!

  •    Manuscript/Portraits – not always real
  •    Literary sources – but how were they made and what did they look like?
  •    Inventories – Usually only for the nobility until late period and who inventories toys?

   Extant examples – where to find – Places to Check

Celt Knot Purp Div 4

This task was assigned to me by Her 032615 Ball7Serene Highness, the Dowager Princess of An Tir, Janeltis Karaine Starfollower in the year before she left on her last Journey. She said something along the lines of, “There aren’t enough good period toys. I want to do something about it, but I’m not going to have enough time, so you’re going to do this for me!” My response was, “Yes, your Highness!”

Woodcuts from Hortus Sanitus 1491 showing Nuremberg doll makerI had been fascinated with dolls and dollhouses from the time I was very young, and in doing research on some of my own inherited dolls, had learned quite a lot about the history… well, that has translated into a journey of discovery that’s been going on for most of 50 years. Janeltis’ requirement spurred me to do a lot more work on this and it’s only in ASXLIX (2014-15) that I’m finally starting to see results.

Her Serene Highness wanted not just the history, but for me to turn the historical bits into usable toys. There is going to be a page of mundanely available toys that are period as part of this, as well as instructions on how to make your own.

Whizzer Yorkshire 1750Of course, kids and mundane work get in the way of research. 🙂 …although my kids provided my first research subjects.

Janeltis had asked me to do a Complete Anachronist as proof of the task being accomplished. At the time there was not the vehicle that we have now in the Net. It’s still on my radar to complete this, but I’m going to post the research here to make it usable more quickly.

042015 Janeltis toyAt right about the same time as I was assigned this task, Her Serene Highness presented my children with a toy, (picture on the left). They loved it and played with it, but it spent a lot of time on the shelf because they were given it by the “pretty lady” and they wanted to keep it nice. All of them got to meet her, even my youngest, who was put in her arms at 12 days old at her last 12th Night.  They were in awe of her and she was so sweet to them.

In many ways this page is in her honor.


Celt Knot Purp Div 4

In ministerio autem Somnium!
Page created and published 4/20/15
Last update 1/21/18


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