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The bane of modern life is flab from lack of exercise. People in period rarely had to deal with that whether because work kept them from it, or going short on food kept their calorie intake down. People with problems like those Henry VIII suffered late in life were rare from the time of the late Roman Empire up until the late Renaissance until they were truly elderly (which happened sooner for them than for us). Fat, flabby children were almost unheard of, at least in part because most children spent most of their time out of doors and they certainly didn’t have TV and video games!

Blowing up a bladder
Blowing up a bladder

Often children made their own toys of the things they found around them. Sticks became horses. Rocks became balls. Chunks of wood became babies, and flat chips & stones became cooking utensils.

Games like tag, which don’t take much equipment beyond a gang of worked up kids, were played. Tug of War, swimming, running, tumbling, climbing trees and all kinds of other exercise were part of daily life even before children started working.

So, no flab… 🙂

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Active Play – (under construction)

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In ministerio autem Somnium!
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