Pool Noodle Stick Horses

Detail from previous pic

I don’t have a write-up or personal pictures of these, yet, but this is where they’ll land! We’re collecting materials to start some, so watch here, and I’ll add instructions as I find them!

I recently started seeing some of these on Pinterest and the accompanying weaponry. Most of these were in sets of children’s birthday party projects.

Our pix – This is the first batch, still with tape to hold things in place while they dry. We discovered that the ears and manes were fine, but the eyes kept trying to pull off until we worked out a was to put holes below the felt, which held them in place.

The first batch

Whole batch as of 6/13/17

Pattern for ears/mane of felt (This will eventually got on another page with process pix, but for the moment….)

Other folks’ pix

Pool Noodle Pony Instructions – http://mrskingrocks.blogspot.com/2012/07/making-swimming-noodle-ponies.html?m=1

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