Pretend Play or Learning How to Live

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14th cent – Depiction of education of royal offspring at the court of Charles V of France

Children spend a lot of time in what looks like a fantasy world to adults. To a large extent they’re faking their way into understanding how to live and how people interact with each other and the environment. Anyone who does play therapy can tell you that even a child that doesn’t respond to questions, or one too young to interact verbally, can tell you what’s going on simply by watching their play.

Children also learn skills from toys that are safer than handing them kitchen knives and hammers.

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Babies and Mawmets and Poppets

War and Military Toys –

Carved wooden toys – (under construction)

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Links for small version of real tools

Light-weight knitter –

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Links for fun stuff for pretend

DIY Lace Crown –

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