Paper Dolls

The only evidence for paper dolls is right out the end of period. Printed dolls could have been made, but did anyone think of them? The jury is still out, although they would have vanished quickly if not stashed somewhere, and this is the closest that I’ve found.

You can see by the clothing styles that these are 17th century at the earliest!

This is the text that goes with these.

Fragment of a cutting bow: dressing bow

Inventory number: HB15578
Dating:around 1650
Location: Southern Germany; Southern Germany (regional style);
Material /technique:paper / woodcut & watercolored & stencil-colored & brush
Dimensions: 20.1 x 30 (sheet) (height * width / cm)
CollectionGraphische Sammlung

Created and published 5/4/17 (C) M. Bartlett
Updated 5/4/17